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Ditch the beach, let’s head to CDMX

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

CDMX, Mexico City. A huge and hectic city, but it doesn’t have to be if you travel correctly. We’re here to ease your worries so that you can relax and enjoy an extraordinary trip to CDMX filled with food, culture, architecture and more! So what do you need to know before traveling to CDMX? Keep reading to find out!

Let’s get into why you should want to travel to CDMX, Mexico City in the first place. Best of all, the food. Food and CDMX are practically synonymous (Flock Taco Tour coming October 2021!). The best way to experience a CDMX trip is by hopping from one eatery to the next until you can’t eat any more. Then doing it all again the next day. Chefs from around the world are traveling to CDMX to Michelin Star restaurants, bringing the already eclectic food scene more attention. Not only is the food alive, the streets are just as vibrant. Everywhere in the city you’ll see interesting architecture, smell delicious street food, hear a collection of unusual sounds, and feel the buzz of the city. And with its endless boutiques, restaurants, bars, cafes, and markets, you’ll never get bored of walking around CDMX.

Taco Tour 2021

Mexican cuisine is so full of life that UNESCO named it an intangible cultural heritage of mankind, however, it’s their tacos that are king. Tacos play such a big part in the Mexican lifestyle that discussing the making of tacos is a way of life. Often you’ll find Chilangos debating the tortilla, filling and salsas.

Tacos are such an integral part of the CDMX culture that Flock has created an entire trip dedicated to the cuisine. Coming October 2022, Flock will be heading to CDMX for a Taco Tour! We have planned the ultimate guide to eating tacos from street tacos to markets and restaurants, we’ll be trying it all.

The details matter when it comes to traveling to any destination. That’s why at Flock, we take care of the details so that you can sit back and enjoy the experience without the worry of planning it all.

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