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Life is about connections 

We understand


Travel isn’t just about the places you go, it’s about what you do when you get there. That's why we specialize in creating trips that are packed with unique travel experiences.


Whether you're looking for something active, culturally enriching, or local, our trips are all about sharing memorable experiences with like-minded individuals.


Not only do we spend countless hours planning the best itineraries, but we also try to curate “flocks” of similar travelers to give everyone the best experience possible. We even send out a roster of everyone on the trip so you know who your travel buddies will be once the trip is full. 


Let us handle the logistics while you get lost in the beauty of travel - in the daring feats, the funny encounters, the mouthwatering cuisines, the novelty, and the unknown.


These are not perfectly pre-scripted, every minute scheduled "group tours." You won't find any matching hats or follow-the-flag nonsense here. We don't script. We plan. So you don't have to. And then we have a really, really good time.


We invite you to join a trip, embrace the adventure, and make memories (and friends) that will last a lifetime. 



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