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  • 8 day / 7 nights
  • October 31st - November 7th
  • Founders & Entrepreneurs (Plus ones ok)

Enjoy three magical days of relaxation/spa, exploration, and cultural immersion in the small colonial town Tepoztlán for a mountain pyramid hike and Day of the Dead traditions including a visit to the local cemetery for the altars and offerings and celebrations of ancestors (much like the traditions in the movie “Coco”). 


Non-stop tacos of course (best of the best gourmet AND street tacos) + cultural adventure:


  • Lucha Libre (Mexican masked wrestling) match
  • Culinary training
  • Exploring the Teotihuacan pyramid complex, hiking to the top of the Pyramid of the Sun
  • Dinner inside an Aztec-cave-turned-restaurant
  • Dinner at a top-ranked restaurant in the world
  • and other surprises. :)


Four days exploring all of the culinary, cultural, and cosmopolitan glory of Mexico City. With 20+ years leading taco tours of the city, Scott Porter will guide us on a gastronomic journey we’ll never forget. We’ll eat our way through the city with the best street and gourmet tacos, climb ancient pyramids, cheer on our favorite wrestlers at the Lucha Libre matches, discover colonial wonders, architecture and hip neighborhoods. Join us for the taco tour of a lifetime!

CDMX Taco Tour

  • Mexico City is the bustling, metropolitan capital of Mexico. It traces its history back to the year 1351 when the Aztec Empire knew it as Tenochtitlan. It is the center of Mexican history and culture, as well as one of the most important economic centers in the world.

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